The Mizen Group of Companies

The Mizen Group partners with companies that are building community platforms, and have strong network effects.

Soirée Style

Soirée Style is creating hybrid apparel shopping experiences using the latest available AI and human-computer interface (HCI) design advances to increase efficiency is secondary resale markets. Its first project is a digitally-enhanced consignment concept based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Sprout City

Sprout City connects local microfarms to a direct-to-consumer distribution channels, and provides services for robust and aesthetically pleasing garden farming for families and businesses.

Jot Health

Jot Health provides mobile solutions for the Oral Health providers, enabling increased engagement, higher quality of service, and reduced attrition.

Daylight Data

Daylight Data provides contract software development services for early-stage ventures. Minimum Viable Products, Agile Software Development, and Data Science serices come together to move ventures through testing, validating, traction and fundraising milestones.

Recent Projects

Many of these projects were delivered under the Daylight Data brand and legal entity, which has now been dissolved. We continue to offer these services to early-stage ventures and innovation groups directly through The Mizen Group.

Enlight Research
Enlight Research helps the corporate board maximize their time by providing a one-stop framework for competitive benchmarks, industry and market news, and financial insights customized to your company.
NeuroPlus is a platform for improving cognitive performance with brain-sensing technology and game-based training.
Shortbread Lofts
Shortbread Lofts is the premium location for off-campus student housing in Chapel Hill, NC.
Brantley Commercial Partners
Brantley Commercial is a boutique commercial real estate firm that represents properties across the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina
Closure is the all-in-one planner for after the death of a loved one.
AltiSales tripples sales teams' productivity with advanced insights; learn what works and doesn't on calls and emails.
Innovation Management
Innovation Management is a consultancy that uncovers exceptional insights that lead to remarkable opportunities.